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    Buying Darts

    Buying dart arrows is a special case for everyone. you have to make your choice in advance for what you want to use them, then you can classify them in price class. If you only want to use the Dart in free time, then you do not spend 100 euros on a set of darts (normally).

    If you go for competition and for tournaments then you train yourself a bit more and then you will buy a more expensive darts set.

    Which dart arrow shape should I have

    That is also for every darter a personal choice, you can actually say that there are 3 different models. The straight form (most used) the Torpedo Form and a kind of bomb. Known darters such as John Lowe and Phil Taylor threw more with a bomb model, Michel van Gerwen and Gary Anderson throw more with a straight shape. Torpedo shape is in between and is used by, among others, Raymond van Barneveld. Peter wright tried all three of them.

    Which dartgrip should I have

    The grip is also personal: you can choose between smooth grip (a smooth barrel or thin lines) for darters who do not suffer from "wet" hands, an average grip (some thicker lines with machining like a knurled grip) or a lot of grip (These are usually barrels with a kind of shark or shark-tooth grip.) These are usually used by people who have "rough work hands". such as plasterers, masons and street layers.

    What weight of the dart arrow should I have

    This is also different for everyone, and has nothing to do with body weight, you can actually divide them into 3 categories. light darts> 23 gr, normal weight 23-25 ​​gram and heavy> 25 Gram. The most commonly used weights are the normal weights. with light darts you throw more with your feeling and you will therefore have to train more often. Heavier arrows are easier, however, training is also recommended here. All in all it is a choice that you can make only yourself and that the barrel and shaft-flight combination is good for you. At DAS Roggel in the dart department, it is carefully checked whether the dart in combination suits you, in this you are advised by highly skilled persons.

    Brass Darts or Tungsten Darts

    actually a simple statement. Brass darts are for entry or beginners and leisure and are cheap. Tungsten darts are more for the advanced darter. Tungsten has a higher specific gravity than the Brass (copper) darts and are available in 70-80-85-90-95 and 97% tungsten. The higher the tungsten content of the thinner they can make the dart arrow.

    more expensive darts are usually sorted by the manufacturer and have a tollerante of 0.05 gr. per barrel in the set. cheaper tungsten darts can vary around 0.5 gr per barrel.


    Many brands are on the market, and more and more are coming. The best known brands are Target, Winmau, Unicorn, Grandslam, Red Dragon, Bull's NL and Bull's DE, XQ Max we also carry other brands such as Penthatlon, Shot !, Hi-Tec, Datadart.

    Actually too many to mention, many darts are also sold under their own "Dartname".still confused,  we invite you to visit our shop en provide you with the best knowledge