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    Buying Dartflights

    Buy Dart Flights

    Buying dart Flights is actually simple, you buy the one you like. They are all dart flights that fit almost every dart shaft. there are different shapes and thicknesses. The most commonly used form is the standard form. In addition, you have the pear shape, kite shape, Slim shape, etc.

    A larger flight has more "drag" and thus more stable, a smaller flight reversed. it is best if you try this out. buy a set of trial flights and evaluate yourself.

    Flight brands

    There are several brands in Dartflights such as Ruthless, Pentathlon, Winmau, Harrows Target Unicorn etc etc. The flight fabrication is almost the same for everyone. there are minimal differences in the size of the flights but the form remains the same. Only one can vary in thicknesses of the flight material. so speaks with about micron. a Poly flight has a thickness of 75 microns and a hard flight (most used) has 100 microns. Then you still have the 125, 150 and 180 Micron. Again you have to assume which fits with my throw. Would say just try it.

    Flight Choice

    If you are looking for Dart Flight then you have come to the right place at DAS Roggel Darts. We have the latest flights in our store. it happens that these are not on the online shop but are present in the store. More than 20,000 flights in stock. At Twijfel feel free to pass and let you inquire about the flights.